Glanton licensing policy


Objective of this chapter is to explain our licensing policy.

We offer two types of licenses Trial and Full. One license (Trial or Full) allows you work with our extension in multiple DNN portals, as long as they are in one DNN installation.

  • TRIAL license - it’s a fully functional license, with 14 days time restriction.
  • FULL license - it’s a fully functional license, without any time restrictions.


When you upgrade product to FULL version, you won’t lose any of your trial settings.

To activate the DNN plugin you need fill simple form on a web page, that will ask you about:

  • INSTALL KEY, it’s a unique product number. First you need to install our plugin and put it on a page, this will genarate install key.
  • INVOICE NUMBER, that can be found in email from DNN Store when the product was downloaded. Trial same as Full product version have invoice number.

When you have all these details, open page, put on it Install Key and Invoice, and click ‘Get License’ button, see figure below. This will generate license key.



In separated chapters it’s described how apply license key into particular modules.

AD-Pro Authentication

One license for Dev & Prod

One license key can activate only one Glanton plugin, furthermore license key is hardly connected with particular DNN instance. We have simple workaround for our clients who want’s to have Dev and Prod instances. If Dev and Prod are exect copies, both of them can utilize the same license key.

The license key is hardly connected with the machine key that is located in the web.config file that is in the DNN web application. In particular the machine key must be the same. Machine key can be found in the following node:

        <machineKey validationKey="00D14E46AE5D05C620"  decryptionKey="E4A11872A3925EA" />

The same full (or trial) license key can be used in Production and Development DNN as long as they using the same machine key.