4. Base Configuration

To set up connection between DNN and Auth0 you must accomplish configuration steps on both sides: “Auth0” and “DNN”.

  • On Auth0 website side, through the configuration panel an “Application” needs to be created. This “Application” will be acted as a bridge between Auth0 and DNN website.
  • On “DNN” side, inside “Auth0 Authentication” provider, Auth0 coordinates needs to be added.
  • On “DNN” side OWIN needs to be enabled.

4.1. Config steps at the Auth0 side

On the Auth0 website a “Regular Web Application” needs to be created. We will use OWIN technology.


Then click “Settings” tab, see figure below for reference:


Copy following settings: Domain, Client ID and Client Secret. There are necessary to configure provider on DNN side. See figure below for reference:


For the “Allowed Callback URLs” set DNN login page URL. By default it’s look like: https://dnn801.test/login. Multiple addresses can be entered here. All URLs needs to use https protocol. See figure below for reference:


See official Auth0 document for a reference.