3. Product Activation


Objective of this chapter is to show how to activate license “ADFS-Pro Authentication” plugin.


Before you read this chapter please get familiar with chapter Licensing policy, where general Glanton licensing rules are described, and terms like: license key, install key, invoice number.


Product activation consist of three important steps: obtain “Install Key”, generate “License Key”, product activation.

3.1. Obtain Install Key

To get the “Install Key” follow steps below:

  1. Sign in to the DNN website as a “DNN Host”.

  2. Go to the “Extensions” menu, see figure below.

  3. From the extensions category list select ‘Authentication Systems’, then click on pencil icon near the ‘ADFS-Pro Authentication’, see figure below.

  4. Select ‘Site Settings’ tab, where configuration panel exist with all settings for ‘ADFS-Pro Authentication’ plugin, see figure below.

  5. Click on “License” tab, and copy “Install Key” string. For each DNN website the “ADFS-Pro Authentication” has unique “Install Key”.


3.2. Obtain License Key

When you have “Install Key” it’s time to create “License Key”. Please remember, that you will also need your invoice number.

  1. Open page with License form, see figure below.

  2. Enter your unique “Install Key” and “Invoice number”, then click on “Get License” button.

  3. This will genarate new “License Key” for your product, copy that license string.

3.3. Activate

When you have “License Key” it’s time to activate “ADFS-Pro Authentication” provider. Go back to the “ADFS-Pro Authentication” settings panel, and click on license tab. Paste the “License key” and click “Activate” button, extension should be ready to use, see figure below.