2. Adding module to a page


Objective of this chapter is to show how to put ‘Connection Manager’ module to the DNN page.

2.1. Create new page for module

  1. Sign in to the DNN website as a ‘DNN Host’ or ‘DNN Administrator’.
  2. Create new DNN page, go to ‘Content->Pages’, see figure below.

3. Set the name for newly created page (eg: ‘AD Connections’), see figure below. It’s good to set an ‘Admin’ as a parent page. Page shouldn’t be visible for regular DNN users, it’s because it will contain sensitive Active Directory data.


4. Make sure that permissions for newly created page are: ‘View’ for ‘Administrators’, see figure below. Once again, regular users shoudn’t have access to that page.

  1. Click ‘Add Page’ to finish wizard, this will automatically redirect you to newly created page, see image below.

2.2. Put module on a page

  1. Go to page where ‘Connection Manager’ will be placed.
  2. Set DNN into ‘Edit’ mode, and click on icon ‘Add Module’, see figure below.
  1. Add ‘Connection Manager’ module, see figure below.
  1. At the end you should have page with ‘Connection Manager’ module. For now it didn’t have any Active Directory data inside it, see figure below.