5. Verifing LDAP connection


Objective of this chapter is to explain how connection between DNN and Active Directory can be verified.

This option is available in v01.05.00 and higher.

To set up connection between Active Directory and DNN, that is at the top of LDAP protocol, following attributes must be entered: LDAP string, Active Directory Domain, Authentication type, AD username and password on behalf of which connection will be created. Below are the steps that can in simple way check that connection.

  1. Sign in to the DNN website as a ‘DNN Host’ or ‘DNN Administrator’.
  2. Go to page where ‘Connection Manager’ module exist.
  3. Click ‘Edit’ button on connection that will be verified. See figure below for details.
  1. Then click on Test connection to Active Directory system buton to initiate test procedure. See figure below.
  1. Testing procedure can return following alerts:

    • Success - Active Directory server is available from DNN.

    • The directory service is unavailable - probably identity (username or password) specified in connection are wrong. But the server itself probably can be reached, so the LDAP is correct.

    • The server is not operational - LDAP string points to location where Active Directory server is not accessible, blocked by firewall or simple IP address in LDAP is wrong.